The Dr. Pepper Democracy

2 12 2008

It was free soda, if you logged on before the Dr. Pepper web servers crashed. It was free promotion without a contract, if you didn’t piss off Axl Rose by NOT delivering on the promise of free soda.

Guns & Roses long-awaited album, Chinese Democracy, despite the publicity, has still failed to scorch the sales charts.


Advice that worked for us…

20 11 2008

Take the time to rethink your relationship with your clients, empower them to help choose your agency’s destiny. Understand how you can work together now, through the difficult financial times ahead and well into the future. Solidifying partnerships SHOULD be the easy part, knowing when you can expect work and payments aren’t such an easy part.

Scion’s marketing success

20 11 2008

We’re HUGE fans of Scion. Toyota’s product strategy became a decision to create a brand that empowers a hard-to-reach consumer with a platform that delivered in individuality and customization. It was remarkable, it was unheard of, and still – it hasn’t been repeated by any of the big 3. Scion’s success in their targeted marketplace is outstanding. Here it is, summarized by Jeffrey Rayport at the CTAM conference.

Detroit: keep praying.

19 11 2008

For going on six or seven months now, GM’s been trying to sell Hummer. No buyers. Perhaps if gas was still $2/gallon… (what? it is?)… you get what I mean.

Hummer helped to make GM the eco-villian, eventhough GM’s SUV lineup was already heavy on Blazers, Tahoes and Escalades. Was the H2 a poor vehicle? Nope. It could drive over almost anything, with confidence, in style. Did that translate to what American carbuyers wanted? No. Hummer was an inflated marketing creation, neatly positioned to make itself a signature brand in the GM portfolio. But, as time drags on, we look back and see how truly out of touch GM got with American car buyers’ needs.

If I were GM and I were looking to offload Hummer, I might look at places where the roads are dirty, sandy, hilly and where the oil spits from the ground like a geyser. I mean, who needs ultra-luxury that’s always over the top? Dubai, do buy.

Not at all saved by zero.

19 11 2008

The catchy Toyota jingle is ‘ring’-ing true to a few youtubers out there. As if the non-stop play of the ad wasn’t enough, one very clever video caught our eye. The frustrations have seemingly set in with innocent consumers who’ve been subject to seeing multiple repeats of the ‘Saved by Zero’ Toyota ad, and the drone of The Fixx lyrics just won’t leave as easily as they’ve come. The Ring / Saved by Zero youtube parody video can be seen here:

Motrin irks moms with baby-wearing pain reliever.

18 11 2008

Twitter and mom-blogs were ablaze with all the pissed off moms this weekend. Scary indeed how a passionate group of well-connected moms can bury a painkiller ad. If you can’t google it, the Motrin baby-wearing crisis is this:

1) Motrin tried to target moms

2) These were aching moms, aching because they ‘wear’ their babies (slings)

3) The ad was a touch condescending (poor tone, Motrin)

4) Moms didn’t agree that the baby-wearing was the ‘pain’

5) Moms didn’t like being called ‘crazy’

6) Moms took to the internet, posted comments in blogs, youtube video reponses and tweets

7) Motrin took down the website ad

8) Motrin apologized, but the print ads will be seen (as they’re on newstands now)

Somewhere in all this, there’s an opportunity for Midol.

Soccer mom’s get in the business.

14 11 2008

Consider the minivan and all it’s been through. A novel idea by the folks at Chrysler some 26 years ago, the minivan gave families a practical mode of mass transport. Through the years, moms added things like remote sliding doors, retractable seats and even tv sets and then dvd players and video games. Hauling the kids became her ‘job,’ thus the minivan became her identifiable feature around soccer parks nationwide.

Today, all manufacturers included, minivans sold in a year total almost a million and some change. SUVs took a foothold in American driving culture, giving roominess and hauling capacity and the development among the auto makers boomed. New models were launched each year and the SUV got bigger and bigger. A gas cruch brought ‘crossover’ vehicles into the foray, yet the minivan was still waiting in the wings, still selling around 70,000 unites a month.

This past week, VW has decided that the soccer mom, a figure so prominent and synonymous with traveling and hauling precious cargo, should lead the charge in it’s new viral video attempt. VW’s “Road to the MLS Cup” begins with the #1 soccer mom picking up the MLS cup “handler” and taking him (and the cup) aross the country (and ironically, despite her checklist, she’s forgotten her kids at soccer practice).