Motrin irks moms with baby-wearing pain reliever.

18 11 2008

Twitter and mom-blogs were ablaze with all the pissed off moms this weekend. Scary indeed how a passionate group of well-connected moms can bury a painkiller ad. If you can’t google it, the Motrin baby-wearing crisis is this:

1) Motrin tried to target moms

2) These were aching moms, aching because they ‘wear’ their babies (slings)

3) The ad was a touch condescending (poor tone, Motrin)

4) Moms didn’t agree that the baby-wearing was the ‘pain’

5) Moms didn’t like being called ‘crazy’

6) Moms took to the internet, posted comments in blogs, youtube video reponses and tweets

7) Motrin took down the website ad

8) Motrin apologized, but the print ads will be seen (as they’re on newstands now)

Somewhere in all this, there’s an opportunity for Midol.