NASCAR and the US Automaker dilemma.

12 11 2008

With the US auto industry in near wreckage, NASCAR faces it’s biggest, darkest cloud in it’s storied history. GM stock is at a 7 decade low, Ford is under $2/share and questions exist about an auto industry ‘bail out.’ Will NASCAR commit back to US automakers like the automakers committed to NASCAR? The machinery, engineering expertise and finances that get poured into the sport total upwards of nine figures every year. US automakers have been winning on Sunday, but haven’t been selling on Monday.

The US automakers’ biggest marketing machine is sputtering. While the perceived ‘value’ of a GM involvement in NASCAR and NASCAR development is ‘good’, the return is coming by way of auto sales. A possible start: NASCAR teams can start to show their marketing model isn’t broken by reinforcing the automakers’ involvement and more prominently displaying Ford, Chevy and Dodge emblems and logos.




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