Not at all saved by zero.

19 11 2008

The catchy Toyota jingle is ‘ring’-ing true to a few youtubers out there. As if the non-stop play of the ad wasn’t enough, one very clever video caught our eye. The frustrations have seemingly set in with innocent consumers who’ve been subject to seeing multiple repeats of the ‘Saved by Zero’ Toyota ad, and the drone of The Fixx lyrics just won’t leave as easily as they’ve come. The Ring / Saved by Zero youtube parody video can be seen here:


Motrin irks moms with baby-wearing pain reliever.

18 11 2008

Twitter and mom-blogs were ablaze with all the pissed off moms this weekend. Scary indeed how a passionate group of well-connected moms can bury a painkiller ad. If you can’t google it, the Motrin baby-wearing crisis is this:

1) Motrin tried to target moms

2) These were aching moms, aching because they ‘wear’ their babies (slings)

3) The ad was a touch condescending (poor tone, Motrin)

4) Moms didn’t agree that the baby-wearing was the ‘pain’

5) Moms didn’t like being called ‘crazy’

6) Moms took to the internet, posted comments in blogs, youtube video reponses and tweets

7) Motrin took down the website ad

8) Motrin apologized, but the print ads will be seen (as they’re on newstands now)

Somewhere in all this, there’s an opportunity for Midol.

We mean business, too.

9 10 2008

A&E has a reality TV show, a Dell infomercial, and a business-advice session all rolled into one. Dell’s marketing is handled by Enfatico, so this muli-million dollar investment in A&E programming sees it as the exclusive technology sponsor of the show, “We Mean Business,” thus helping position Dell as the business computing equipment you’ll need for your small business.

Dell integrates its technology and retail computing solutions (powered by Intel) throughout half-hour episodes – see the site at With an arsenal of laptops, servers and other POP solutions to help minimize spending and daily business operations, the show travels around to help save local businesses like a pizza parlor, bakeries and specialty stores. Co-hosting duties are held by “Apprentice” winner Bill Rancic, a tech guru named Katie Linendoll and interior designer Peter Gurski.

A bit too much Dell ownership of the program? We think a sponsorship and even a grassroots program would achieve the same without the potentially negative consumer feedback.

Dancing cars make someone at Citroen very happy.

17 09 2008

dancing C4 in New York, yet sold in Europe. A new spot for the Citroen C4:

they’ve done this before…

…and Chevrolet responded – quite well – just shortly after the internet fanfare of the dancing Citreon:

Not predicting lightening to strike twice for Citroen on this new C4 commercial.

Quaker Oats takes new advertising direction.

12 09 2008

AgencySpy says they’ve got confirmation that Element79 has lost Quaker Oats.

E79 lost Gatorade, but left them with a great one. Back in June, E79 said the agency let go of 35 people, or about 15% of staff (220 total). This time around, the loss of Quaker Oats means a 15% loss in business… compare numbers, but this is still bad news for a once powerful shop. Predicting a client’s creative and media spending in a rapidly declining market isn’t especially difficult, especially for a still-intelligent agency like E79, now losing another consumer brand name altogether shows this decision was probably a long time coming.

Enfatico made an ad.

11 09 2008

During the long thankless hours of giving several demanding clients attention, delivering new copy and concepts over the past couple of weeks – it appears Enfatico made an ad too (and George’s adscam blog tipped us off)… so, here it is:

Is that Sarah Palin?

Anticipating Enfatico

12 08 2008

First, an idea for an in-house agency for computer giant, Dell, was created. They called it Project Da Vinci for a long while until it became officially named Enfatico. They hired some people, tried to hire some more, watched a mock site get created and still, nothing has come out of the shop (at least nothing Tribble can track down).

So, let this be a lesson to all those wheel re-inventors, the ones who set out to create new client-agency dynamics, the ones who believe a better agency model DOES exist in theory, the ones who are forging sound, incestuous relationships with biggie clients: if you’re going to do it, you need to prove it works quickly or people will blog and make websites about your spinning wheels.