Soccer mom’s get in the business.

14 11 2008

Consider the minivan and all it’s been through. A novel idea by the folks at Chrysler some 26 years ago, the minivan gave families a practical mode of mass transport. Through the years, moms added things like remote sliding doors, retractable seats and even tv sets and then dvd players and video games. Hauling the kids became her ‘job,’ thus the minivan became her identifiable feature around soccer parks nationwide.

Today, all manufacturers included, minivans sold in a year total almost a million and some change. SUVs took a foothold in American driving culture, giving roominess and hauling capacity and the development among the auto makers boomed. New models were launched each year and the SUV got bigger and bigger. A gas cruch brought ‘crossover’ vehicles into the foray, yet the minivan was still waiting in the wings, still selling around 70,000 unites a month.

This past week, VW has decided that the soccer mom, a figure so prominent and synonymous with traveling and hauling precious cargo, should lead the charge in it’s new viral video attempt. VW’s “Road to the MLS Cup” begins with the #1 soccer mom picking up the MLS cup “handler” and taking him (and the cup) aross the country (and ironically, despite her checklist, she’s forgotten her kids at soccer practice).