Not at all saved by zero.

19 11 2008

The catchy Toyota jingle is ‘ring’-ing true to a few youtubers out there. As if the non-stop play of the ad wasn’t enough, one very clever video caught our eye. The frustrations have seemingly set in with innocent consumers who’ve been subject to seeing multiple repeats of the ‘Saved by Zero’ Toyota ad, and the drone of The Fixx lyrics just won’t leave as easily as they’ve come. The Ring / Saved by Zero youtube parody video can be seen here:


New Microsoft in Life without Walls and a continuing debate.

19 09 2008

The debate about Microsoft’s CPB ads will continue. Were they a wonderful manipulation of the media? Did they know the general public would say WTF is this? then waver on good vs. bad ads, then “pull” Seinfeld because of it’s “unfavorable” reception? (We rogue agents didn’t hear too many unfavorable remarks).

Or, is Microsoft that out of touch? Certainly, Microsoft is a newbie to the humor game. CPB is not. Can a stodgy brand (as portrayed by Apple) come forth with $300M in media and have the right to make us laugh? Well, they did.

Here’s Conde Nast Portfolio’s take.

And, the new 60-second “life without walls” spot. It’s a wmv file.

Maghound. It’s alive.

17 09 2008

It appears as though is up and running. Maghound lets you choose, change and manage your magazine subscriptions – month by month (or publishing by publishing) – for low monthly fees. Like netflix for magazines. We’re on board. This is a good breath of fresh air (fresh thinking) for the print magazine industry. Electronic email and PDF delivery should be free as well, ad supported of course as added value to advertisers.

Quaker Oats takes new advertising direction.

12 09 2008

AgencySpy says they’ve got confirmation that Element79 has lost Quaker Oats.

E79 lost Gatorade, but left them with a great one. Back in June, E79 said the agency let go of 35 people, or about 15% of staff (220 total). This time around, the loss of Quaker Oats means a 15% loss in business… compare numbers, but this is still bad news for a once powerful shop. Predicting a client’s creative and media spending in a rapidly declining market isn’t especially difficult, especially for a still-intelligent agency like E79, now losing another consumer brand name altogether shows this decision was probably a long time coming.

New Bill, Jerry, Microsoft spot really connects.

12 09 2008

Fuck the haters. Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld are on a mission to connect with real people. Crispin, Porter + Bogusky’s “feature” length spot is an oddball winner. The humor is priceless and the non-attacks on mac may start to get Microsoft some traction. The host of strange spots for Microsoft may start to percolate, as they’re all forward-looking and hellbent on changing the mac-is-hipper perception.

Connecting. Virtual and real.

11 09 2008

What did Second Life really do for anyone? Lots of different answers to that question, right?

If you’re a web producer, programmer, developer or dimwitted strategist – it quickly made you a pile of money that you’ve probably already burned through.

If you’re a corporate entity – it was a bright, shiny and glorious marketing tactic that was really hot during a short period of time between a couple of pretty important board meetings. Now you don’t field those questions anymore nor do you visit your “second life” corporate brand.

If only there was a way to connect… in real life… and… make… real… money…

Connecting the virtual world with the real world has any number of roadblocks and barriers – some are logistical, most are financial. A brand’s connection with the consumer will always fall within a range of strengths – determining that range, the financial commitment it will take and how to deploy the method that will make that brand’s connection is what a good agency will provide.

MillerCoors is hanging clothes.

9 09 2008

"Fresh, crisp, 64 calories. As light as it gets."

MGD 64 will launch in the fall, but right now dry cleaning customers in Seattle and Portland are seeing a 64-calorie Miller Genuine Draft ad on their “EcoHangers.” Jeff Gardiner, Northwest marketing manager for MillerCoors says:

“The very nature of the EcoHanger makes it an efficient marketing vehicle because it exclusively reaches our adult female consumers in the privacy of their homes.”

The light beer advertising-to-women-in-home tactic is challenging enough, so putting an ad inside a woman’s closet is a bold move no matter what kind of product your selling. Bolder than say, targeting online ads to e-dating profiles.