Scion’s marketing success

20 11 2008

We’re HUGE fans of Scion. Toyota’s product strategy became a decision to create a brand that empowers a hard-to-reach consumer with a platform that delivered in individuality and customization. It was remarkable, it was unheard of, and still – it hasn’t been repeated by any of the big 3. Scion’s success in their targeted marketplace is outstanding. Here it is, summarized by Jeffrey Rayport at the CTAM conference.


Not at all saved by zero.

19 11 2008

The catchy Toyota jingle is ‘ring’-ing true to a few youtubers out there. As if the non-stop play of the ad wasn’t enough, one very clever video caught our eye. The frustrations have seemingly set in with innocent consumers who’ve been subject to seeing multiple repeats of the ‘Saved by Zero’ Toyota ad, and the drone of The Fixx lyrics just won’t leave as easily as they’ve come. The Ring / Saved by Zero youtube parody video can be seen here:

Toyota gets with the incentives game.

7 10 2008

Toyota would normally use tactical incentives to feature specific vehicles in select markets. But, because many American’s are feeling the economic crunch, for the first time Toyota is offering 0% financing on it’s widest range of Toyota vehicles. But, sorry cash-strapped tree-huggers, this doesn’t include hybrids like the Prius or the gas-sipping sub-compact Yaris.

The harsh economic climate is giving consumers a changing perspective on brand value. Consumers want information, they want good deals and they want to be reassured they’re making smart decisions. This certainly changes the way we talk to and with our customers.