Name branded skyscrapers… Michael Schumacher’s name.

9 10 2008

The design for the Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower is found here. It’s unique to see a branded tower, especially with an F1 driver’s name, but it starts to make sense when you consider the tower was designed with F1 aerodynamics in mind. With sweeping curves and design for air distribution, the tower is an efficient structure with great views and open-air apartments near the base of the 59-story building.

The branded tower will be found in Dubai, where towers spring up quicker than a cocker spaniel looking for a biscuit. ACI Real Estate has a portfolio that includes a Nikki Lauda Twin Tower (also a former World Driving Champion) and a Boris Becker Business Tower in the same district.




2 responses

9 10 2008
Jennifer Honore

it should be built on top of a go kart track.

9 10 2008
Mrs Gail j Gray

I like the new tower of Michael Schumachers and i am very proud of him,i wish him all the luck possible now and the future.

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