Honda’s Musical Road.

9 10 2008

In the middle of nowhere special (well, Lancaster, California – you be the judge), Honda decided to make a musical road. Their agency, RPA worked with the city and cut grooves into the road, so that as a car drove over this stretch of Avenue K at 55mph, Honda thought passengers would be delighted to hear the theme to the Lone Ranger echo through the cabin. Named “Civic Musical Road,” it entertained thousands of travelers and has a slew of YouTube video postings. Annoying a song it might be, the stunt made for a unique personal and virtual experience, yet it was so unique that a few details were missed – like neighboring houses and the people who were driven nuts by the constant sound.




One response

22 10 2008

The musical road is now paved over, but will soon be “relocated” to a new street in Lancaster. Also, there are new youtube videos up that show some behind-the-scenes action of how the road was made.

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