ProfNet versus H.A.R.O.

6 10 2008

Here’s an article in Adweek (that’s not about advertising, but relevant nonetheless) that talks about ProNet and HARO – two services (one subscription, one free) for PR professionals that connect journalists with sources/PR folk.

Peter Shankman wrote a wonderful (really, it’s quite good) book called Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts That Work. With great ideas and simple tactics that ATTRACT attention, Shankman is still a talented publicist with a keen understanding of how to manipulate, pitch and become a powerful source for all kinds of news media. With HARO, he’s taken these same skills and turned them inward on the PR industry. He can supply you with journalists queries, but he’ll get a look at that story first. He can send 33,000 emails 3 times every day and he’ll do this all for free… unless you want something from him – like a word or 50 edgewise into that email blast to help recruit your open position. Or, if you’d like him to speak at your next company function, for that you’ll need to pay.




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