Kimbo Slice and MMA fail to impress.

6 10 2008

The heavily promoted, much anticipated, mega-hyped Mixed Marshal Arts fight between an internet video streetfighter and a guy who’s name we’ll all soon forget (if we haven’t already) came to a raucous end just 14 seconds after it started.

Kimbo Slice, known to a few hundred thousand internet streetfighting video-watchers as a ridiculous beast of a fighter, became a ridiculous overhyped never-was fighter. His scowl, his notoriously nasty attitude and his internet superstardom all proved himself and the sport to be an oversold bill of no-goods.  The fight aired on CBS and has been talked about for months as being a “must-see” for the next generation of sports-watchers. The league failed first, as would-be fighter and fading MMA legend Ken Shamrock scratched. Then, upon walking into the stadium, little-known karate specialist, Seth Petruzelli learned he’d be fighting Kimbo. Kimbo failed next, as he stumbled after taking a couple of steps toward Petruzelli,  the opportunistic Petruzelli used fewer than 12 punches to get the fight called and earn himself a victory.

In just 14 seconds, we learned that the true big-dollar sports and big-time athletes will stay on their national stage, while the web, the niche sports and those who love nothing more than hype – can stay underground and off the main stage.




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