“Can I call you Joe?”

3 10 2008

If you tuned in to watch baseball last night – you watched the Cubs struggle offensively and defensively. You watched a team branded as losers… lose. If you tuned in to watch the first and last vice-presidential debate, you watched a woman branded as a small-town American act and speak like (and to) small-town Americans. Using folksy phrases, winks and smiles, Governor Palin stunned a lot of critics – and while she might still exude a small smuggish attitude, she spoke above the media and straight to the people of America. On national television. Mass communication. To millions of registered voters. At times she scolded Joe Biden for “pointing backward” and blaming the current Republican regime, while her sarcasm-and-grin came across strongly throughout the debate. To Palin and the Republicans – I say: go with it. Down 7 points with 32 days left, McCain’s campaign needs to play on its advantages, no matter how small they may seem after this last debate.

In much more exciting news, Tristan Eaton has given the Vote For Change campaign his artistry.




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