Wendy’s first viral. Lame.

12 09 2008

Wendy’s viral video. Lame in concept. Lame in execution. Doesn’t fit the mold for viral success. Even the lame meatatarians unite dot com is terribly pedestrian. You can submit an email address. Lame. And wait for a “meaty” reward to your email. Lame. When it comes, you get an email that greets you with a “Congratulations carnivorous carnivore, you are now an official Meatatarian.” Lame. There’s a certificate to download, too. It’s lame. You can also install some coupon printer thing, which I’d assume, if installed… gets you a coupon for a… meatatarian-approved burger? Lame.

But, you gotta start somewhere. It may be lame, but… there has been lamer.




One response

12 09 2008

Yupper – lamest. Shouldn’t the meat be beating the sh*t out of the lettuce?

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