Connecting. Virtual and real.

11 09 2008

What did Second Life really do for anyone? Lots of different answers to that question, right?

If you’re a web producer, programmer, developer or dimwitted strategist – it quickly made you a pile of money that you’ve probably already burned through.

If you’re a corporate entity – it was a bright, shiny and glorious marketing tactic that was really hot during a short period of time between a couple of pretty important board meetings. Now you don’t field those questions anymore nor do you visit your “second life” corporate brand.

If only there was a way to connect… in real life… and… make… real… money…

Connecting the virtual world with the real world has any number of roadblocks and barriers – some are logistical, most are financial. A brand’s connection with the consumer will always fall within a range of strengths – determining that range, the financial commitment it will take and how to deploy the method that will make that brand’s connection is what a good agency will provide.




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