Lance Armstrong un-retires. Aiming for 2009 Tour victory.

10 09 2008

In 2005, he retired. After claiming 7 consecutive Tours de France, Lance Armstrong decided to let someone else have a shot at winning the world’s most prestigious, demanding… and… scandal-plagued cycling event. Accusation after doping accusation, Le Tour chugged along for many of the years during Lance’s dominance, many a team dropping out completely as their cyclists fell victim to the drug tests. But, Lance Armstrong stayed clean – and he stayed out in front. Hardly a soul on earth hadn’t heard of Lance Armstrong, his battle with cancer, his miraculous comeback and now, his tremendous feats. Lance will undoubtedly be forever known as the tour’s best rider.

Fast forward to 2008, specifically September – the same month Brett Favre came “out of retirement” to put on a Jets helmet and toss two touchdowns. Favre didn’t have multiple off seasons though. Arguably, he never really turned his brain off from the game. But, Armstrong briefly enjoyed his stint as a retired great, only to do what all greats do – reconsider, rethink and regroup.

As of today, Armstrong still wants to raise awareness for cancer, support his LAF, become the oldest winner of the Tour de France and disprove his 1999 skeptics (who believed his Tour win wasn’t clean… as if he hasn’t disproved them enough). As of today, the rumor that Armstrong will return to racing in 2009 for five major races is that he’ll race with Team Astana. Race officials with Le Tour kept the team out of the 2008 event because of previous doping violations.

But, with a man of Armstrong’s status, his marketability, his ties with Nike, his power in the media on a world stage… we can be sure there’s much more to this un-retirement than meets the eye.




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