Seinfeld, Gates shop at Shoe Circus in Microsoft ad

5 09 2008

Imagine a world where Jerry Seinfeld find’s Bill Gates shopping for shoes at a little place called Shoe Circus in the mall. They’re a little surprised to see each other, but they’re friendly and Jerry offers Bill a churro.

As our 90-second glimpse into this world rolls along, we learn that:

  • The Conquistador shoe runs tight. Must be nice leather.
  • Jerry showers with his shoes and clothes ON to save time.
  • Bill wears a size 10.
  • Bill is a Platinum card-carrying member of Shoe Circus, which earns him “big top” points.
  • Bill gives Jerry a sign that one day, the other brilliant minds at Microsoft will give us a computer that’s moist and chewy like cake.

This was Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s new Microsoft ad that debuted during the first NFL game broadcast. Traditionally wacky (for CPB), traditionally hokey (for Gates). I’d like to look into the many little oddities that happened during these strange 90 seconds with the belief that they were all small metaphors for… something. Alas, this spot is just to get the new Microsoft conversation going.




One response

7 09 2008

Sucks. Expected more from them. Glad to see TWBA does more with APPLE.

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