In F1, it’s all about the money.

28 08 2008

Formula 1 World Championship leader Lewis Hamilton, the man who’s contract with McLaren is roughly $100 million, has asked his team to give him a faster car.

If you follow F1… or any type of motor racing… or if even you drive a car yourself, you’ll know that the car does most of the work. You’ll also know that the car gets built, prepped and engineered to painful amounts of scrutiny before, during and after every on-track expedition… by human beings not named Lewis Hamilton. It’s Lewis’ job to drive that car to victory as it’s delivered to him. I can promise there are no mechanics or engineers whose paychecks have as many zeros as Lewis’. I can also promise that while Lewis will try to drive that car faster than any else, in the end, money will fuel the development that fuels the car.

So, perhaps Lewis can take his plea to the bank, use his ace-driving talent to secure a few more million dollars in team sponsorship and then use the finances to push development. Just a thought.




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