Chrysler considers Viper spinoff

28 08 2008

For the forseable future, Chrysler will be tightening its finanical belt and focusing on hybrids, compacts and crossover SUVs. Another financial move afoot may be a spinoff of the venerable Viper nameplate. The robust yet lustful muscle car was launched to prove Dodge/Chrysler had some high-performance chops, edge into the high-perf auto market with Corvette and deliver a design that was unlike any other coupes on the market in the 1990s, clearly defining itself as the lone supercoupe/convertible.

Chrysler will begin to explore this financial option, perhaps selling to a third party. Vipers are made in Detroit and further details on this strategic sale, the nameplate’s fate and that of the production facility remain to be seen.

The Viper as a stand-along brand would do well, with sales expectations in check. Chevy sells exponential amounts of Corvettes compared to Dodge’s Vipers, but Chevy doesn’t sell Corvette’s because they’re built by Chevy. Corvette owners associate the nameplate as it’s own identity. Viper has always been closely tied to Dodge, but a disassociation from a car dealership point of view wouldn’t hurt Viper sales, nor would it mare Dodge’s image.




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28 08 2008
Chris Moran

Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Chris Moran

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