Lenovo: bottled and boring.

21 08 2008

Lenovo, a computer company that nobody knew too much about (or thinks too much) before the Olympics, actually has several relatively exciting partnerships. But, the corporate logo is boring, the brand-attitude is boring and the corporate website is… well, corporate – pretty much what you’d expect from a computer company. But, with Lenovo, if you look around hard enough, you’ll find it’s logo on two of the world’s fastest race cars (Williams F1 team). That’s exciting. It is with this partnership, that Lenovo’s CMO, Deepak Advani, proves his computers are superior engineering with technical innovation. So, Lenovo is tech-savvy. Yet still, boring.

Lenovo also has a unique partnership with the Olympics. Did you know Lenovo designed the Olympic torch? Did you know they had vast coverage and a customizable platform to see this coverage of the Beijing Olympics right on their website? Lenovo is also the official PC of the NBA. Lenovo created a branded NBA game statistic -the Lenovo Stat, which showcases the best combination of teammates on the court for every NBA game. Thus again proving that Lenovo can technologically integrate themselves, somehow, into your life too.

But all of these hundreds of millions of dollars are seemingly falling short of the riotous massive public adoption of a brand who’s all over the world, involved in exicting sport, technology and innovation. This worldly corporate dullard, advanced in their sales techniques, are still working on breaking through to that adoptive, iconic status. Are they taking the right steps? Yes, but soon they’ll need to activate their partnerships at a level that truly engages with their target audiences – and they’ll need to unleash the excitement they keep so bottled up.




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