The “inbox culture” stimulates man’s first mode of communication.

8 08 2008

Seth Godin writes, “Do you spend your day responding and reacting to incoming all day… until the list is empty?”

We may know several people with this line of work process, some call it “management.” The truth is that the victims of the email-in, email-out culture are proliferating senseless crimes on communication.

Email is a lightweight, 1-dimensional, confirm-or-deny form of business communication. Mandatory? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely. Time-consuming? Shouldn’t be. Impossible to escape? Close, but no. Today’s technology has made it easier than ever to make the email inbox the first part, the last part and even the center of the day. As email ages and new micro-blogging and personal check-in tools emerge, the importance of human contact grows exponentially stronger.




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