Profiteer sneaks his way into HARO.

8 08 2008

We’re posting this as it was sent to us to call out it’s absurdity.

“I run a membership site for Small Business owners on how to
attract more clients. Looking for marketing experts (with something
unique to offer) to interview and provide content to membership site.”

This website (actually two websites), won’t be listed here out of respect for the HARO emails (from where this came) which are not to be reproduced. These two linked websites are run by an Australian businessman who’s out to turn a buck by providing relatively vague guidance to small business owners. (We registered and downloaded the marketing drivel to confirm that it is in fact, worthless drivel.)

First, shame on this businessman for seeking free input and content which he only plans to re-sell for his own profit. Psssst… hire a freelancer for this. Second, shame on the queries editor for not catching this non-editorial, non-journalistic contact.




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