Beware the marketing department.

8 08 2008

This article largely assumes one major element of the advertising world: that the clients and the companies small agencies currently represent will NOT increase their aptitude, their media understanding and their capability to better handle marketing on their own. We’re already seeing this little prediction start to happen: Marketing departments will grow, with research leading the way. This in-house intel will spawn greater problem-solving abilities without need for agency counsel.

For agencies, the bottom line is always the same – provide value for the client. Through problem-solving, through communication and product integration, whatever the case may be, an agency doesn’t get paid just to be clever or just to place ads. As profit margins grow slimmer, tomorrow’s client will be looking for additional means to save budget by bringing a share of the account exec’s job or the art directors job in-house.

Be irreplaceable. Because you are.




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