What is Superleague?

6 08 2008

Tottenham Hotspur have joined the Superleague international racing series. What is superleague?

“Superleague is an exciting new concept and looks to bring together two of the most popular sports in the world,” said Tottentham’s executive director Paul Barber.

And, that’s about it. While the international race fan sits on the edge of his seat, waiting for Superleague Formula to kick off later this month, reality (at least here in the state) is smirks. So, really – what is SF?

Superleague Formula is the fusion of the two of the world’s most popular sports – capturing the passion of football with the thrill and excitement of motor racing.

The reality SF isn’t facing: auto racing is one sport, football is another. Intriguing at first, just like the lingerie bowl, but sustaining a dual-personality in a single event has a significant uphill battle. You can easily draw parallels from passionate fans to thrilling events, but you can’t as easily sell a thrilling event when the sport of football exists in the sponsor’s name-only




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