Top online advertisers, the strategy and the buy.

5 08 2008

Jeff Jarvis says not to listen to the people that tell you blogs are too small for big advertisers. Using American Apparel as an example, citing their stats, ya can’t argue with fact. Well, some people in the red states argue facts all the time, but it’s also noteworthy to see that big advertisers aren’t synonymous with big brands.

This comscore release listing the top apparel retailers’ display ad views shows quite a few mega corps at (presumably) lower online buys. The bigger catalogers are up there, Levis and Nike, down a tad. All things considered, each of these retailers has a different game they’re playing, with different niches and thus different techniques they’re deploying to attract business. Nike, with probably the most favorable media budget, has the mass media vehicles to leverage, to drive TV viewers, magazine readers, etc to the website, which is really a destination spot(s) where one can find much more than a webstore.

The point: know your customers (and potential customers) media consumption, and apply the marketing dollars to where they’ll gain traction the quickest.




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