Second bag fees.

31 07 2008

$25 is a lot to ask in fees for a “second bag.” Plenty of people have trouble paying a $25 increase in cost for a value that don’t see. Some may think that fee is a big reassurance that baggage gets on that airplane (and get’s back to them after the flight schedule) because it’s bought it’s own little $25 ticket. What if the bag gets lost? That $25 is remembered really quickly when you’re standing at baggage claim without that bag. If you were angry at a lost bag in the days pre-fee, you’re certainly extra-pissed now.

Delta is raising their fee from $25 to $50. For $50, I might be more inclined to ship my second bag to wherever I’m going UPS or FedEx or DHL.

So, I was thinking, that in the days of second bag fees – why would a shipping company start marketing their ability to confidently ship that second bag at a lower cost? I might not need that second bag as much as the first anyway. And, if I know I arrive at SFO at 11:34am on August 1, I can step to my hotel where the bellhop will bring my “second bag” right to my room.




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