The power of curiosity. Campfire owns it.

24 07 2008

In November 2006’s issue of Fast Company, Danielle Sacks caught up with the boys at Campfire, the curiosity virtuosos behind The Blair Witch Project. What was written then (and although just two years ago) still applies to todays viral abilities. Technologically-speaking, 2 years ago was a long time ago, and Campfire has been creating curiosity through viral stunts since 2003, which is an even longer time considering the ways and modes to which we communicate (and market) every day. The basis of their viral stardom – create curiosity. Let the curiosity fester and let the world SEEK and FIND your information.

Tru Blood. Campfire’s new physical take on getting the digital world to talk about HBO’s new show, shown here in a bloggers video post about the mysterious vial she and others were receiving. I find this interesting: a meld between the creative delivery of a physical package to stimulate a digital response, thus proving that how we develop, deliver and proliferate creative communications is (and will continue to be) an effective strategy for publicity.




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15 08 2008
Tru Blood, Campfire prove you can’t go too far or do too much. « The Rogue Agency

[…] go too far or do too much. 15 08 2008 While the massive viral effort put forth by Campfire for Tru Blood, a new series on HBO, might seem like they’ve set up too many hoops for bloggers and others […]

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