To write a better press release, write a better press release.

21 07 2008

There are entirely too many “write a better press release” whitepapers, classes, templates, tips, webinars and “advice gurus”  for the industry to handle. Why are there too many? Because there’s more than one – and NONE of them address the truest of points: content is everything.

The esteemed staff at MyRagan decided to re-gift a tantalizing (if you’re a clueless AAE) “write-a-better-press-release” pdf to their website. Not only is the download a bland re-creation, it’s nothing more than PR writing 101 with a bunch of fluffy fodder about the “web” being the ultra-environment for press releases to thrive. Todd Defren, the inventor of the social media release, isn’t mentioned – and his agency (Shift Communications) is referenced just once “as an example.”

Finally, this fabulous download is brought to us by “the social media summit” with a link that isn’t even clickable.




One response

21 07 2008
Michael Sebastian


Thanks for the mention. I apologize if the MyRagan free download failed to satisfy your expectations.

Michael Sebastian
Esteemed MyRagan staff member

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