Help a Reporter Out… today.

17 07 2008

Publicist and general PR industry do-gooder Peter Shankman is asking that today, his 14K+ members help push the membership upwards of 15K. While he’s named named today “Help a Reporter Day,” asking these people to set their Facebook and LinkedIN statuses to:

“Get Sourced. Get Quoted. Get Famous: – Putting Journalists and Sources together, one quote at a time.”

A good idea, use the masses to widely promote on social tools that even the lay-people use.

Just a few comments. 1) Can the proposed copy not be shorter (who uses www anymore?)… “Get Sourced. Get Quoted. – Journalist and Source matching. Join.” 2) I think even Peter (who we very much respect) would admit he’s had a little trouble branding this whole HARO movement… or is it HAR… er… did he ask for a logo?… 3) I fear the HARO list waters may get muddied by the ever-present, oft-clueless PR hacks that only see what’s on the surface… and what’s on their time-wasting social networking tools… sometimes making a FREE service so accessible to the relatively uninformed, makes it ripe for a downward spiral.

Hopes not.




One response

30 07 2008
Bridgette Mongeon

I read your article on (HARO) Help A Reporter Out. I created a video on the subject and I thought I would send it. Here is a rendition or a You Tube version that you can share with your readers and even embed in your blog. Each give you code to do just that.


Bridgette Mongeon

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