Boonen on cocaine, cycling suffers again.

27 06 2008

Tom Boonen – Tour de France green jersey winner, Paris-Roubaix double-champion, Tour of Flanders double-champion and Specialized bicycles spokesperson – recently tested positive for cocaine use in an out-of-competition test, part of the sports anti-doping rules.

While not “performance enhancing” the individual blight is another scar on the tattered body of professional cycling – a sport with such a severe image problem, it’s almost completely lost relevance in the mainstream sports world. Boonen appears in TV commercials for Specialized bikes, and with a sign-off like “I am Specialized” – one wonders why these commercials haven’t been pulled from their niche tv media plans.

The cycling community, led by an inaction by mega-cycling-brand Specialized, with its collective shrug of the shoulders to an obviously increasing drug epidemic makes perfect non-sense.

Boonen will not sanctioned by the sport and will not be part of this years Tour de France with his QuickStep team.

We’ll be watching — and hopefully not spinning our wheels.




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