U.S. newspapers’ big opportunity.

25 06 2008

U.S. newspapers are making cutbacks – staff, pages and content. The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, SF Gate – all are going through tough times… seemingly. Because the real estate market took a dive? Job market/classified sections go dry? Was nobody taking out those ads?

Obviously avertisers are moving to the internet in steadily growing numbers (do your own research), those that remain on the pages in ink are also suffering as the economy continues to stumble. Soft news and breaking news will always be a commodity – the newspaper industry must find a way to package and monetize it, and yes – it is possible to monetize news by way of relatively traditional ad sales.

The internet is still a huge advantage for the newspaper industry. In fact, I can’t imagine a time when news reporting was more relevant to a sped-up society than it is today. CNN and other news broadcasters used to jump out front because of their always-on content delivered through TV. Now, any web-savvy journalist can post news at any second.

The web will force speed in posting information with immediacy. CONTENT IS EVERYTHING. These journos will be faced with the need for empowerment – the ability to publish news as they retrieve it without ten trips through the editorial and publishing departments. Breaking news and commentary will drive repeat web traffic, which will drive exposures to the site UP, which will drive advertisers back to their new vastly electronic news pages.

The opportunity is there, which makes these editorial job cuts all the more stupid.




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3 08 2008

I agreed with you

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