Project Da Vinci officially named Enfatico

11 06 2008

Dell’s in-house, global marketing services agency was, up until now, called Project Da Vinci.

The new permanent name and identity will be Enfatico. Enfatico means to play each musical note “emphatically.” Leader of the new creative symphony, CEO Torrence Boone, says:

“As a next generation agency with a diverse mix of marketing services and talent – all uniquely orchestrated to drive value for Dell and future clients – we believe Enfatico effectively captures what makes us distinct.”

How big is Enfatico? Dell had over 800 firms handling their marketing services all over the globe. Now, they’re all in-house, jammed into offices in 13 cities around the world, totaling over 600 employees. Not a small undertaking, a unique concept and quite the future case study for client-agency relationships.




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12 08 2008
Anticipating Enfatico « The Rogue Agency

[…] 12 08 2008 First, an idea for an in-house agency for computer giant, Dell, was created. They called it Project Da Vinci for a long while until it became officially named Enfatico. They hired some people, tried to hire some more, watched […]

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