Mitsubishi assigns creative duties to Traffic

11 06 2008

Traffic LA will take over the creative assignment for Mitsubishi.(Story at Adweek.) The revolving door account will take on Mitsubishi by “telling the exciting brand story” – according to Traffic president John Powers.

This is more than a Shaquille-sized handful of work, considering nobody really knows what Mitsubishi’s brand story is. (We’d be hard-pressed to talk about what Mitsubishi stands for). We do know that the manufacturer gives up on a lot… Lots of killed nameplates. Lots of being in-and-out of rally racing. Never fully committing to one niche market. For as superior as the Evo was to the Subaru Sti at debut, several auto insiders were surprised at how it never truly penetrated the tuner market.

Nail the brand story. Then tell it. And, consider more public relations with all this “increase in digital media.” Also, Traffic, please consider slicing some dollars to put back into supporting real auto racing – there IS STILL a market there, and it’s NOT as volatile as you think.




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