Tribune makes cuts. Heavy editorial casualties suffer to lack of corporate foresight.

6 06 2008

There is always something to sell.

According to the NY Times, Sam Zell is saying that the Tribune company is (quickly) about to cut some costs. The LA Times and the Chicago Tribune will cut costs by printing fewer papers and employing fewer journalists. Advertising vs. Editorial pages will be close to 50/50. Taking a page out of “What to do if it was 1978” Sam will make a cutback on material costs… and a cutback on editorial staff.

Now is the time for smart reporting. On what people care about. Now is the time for the smart companies to translate their current assets into workable, 22nd century, user-friendly, quantifiable and desirable assets. Beef up the online presence (eg. keep the editorial staff!), transcend the shitty current newspages and get hyperlocal. (Hyperlocal became part of my common vernacular thanks to self-professed internet nerd Rob Curley) Fewer printed pages should mean NOTHING these days. RSS feeders proved pushing content CAN be retardedly simple, because a full news story is just a click away. Relevant news will always be needed (and sought out – heads up to SEARCH), it all depends on its delivery – so, there will always be something to sell.




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