You Know You Need A New CD When: Issue #1

27 05 2008

Beyond bad creative, which we’ll be the first to say is largely subjective, a really bad Creative Director is hard to find. We’ll scour the internet in search of outspoken, dimwitted, this-is-whats-wrong-with-creative adworkers and we’ll post the chronicles of “You Know You Need A New CD When” (YKYNANCDW) as they come.

Here’s something from a self-confessed CD, who on his public blog says:

In the ad game, marketers make intelligent assumptions. And these assumptions are fundamentally based on a significant psychological truth: We all feel the need to “BELONG.”

If it’s 2008, and your creative director believes that assumptions are part of the game, you’re already fucked. “BELONGING” isn’t a “need,” it’s a classification.




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