Digitas starts it’s Third Act.

22 05 2008

Age Age says that Digitas is launching a collaborative effort, branded-content shop to be called “The Third Act.” This troupe will develop and produce branded-content ideas and manage the distribution strategies for this branded-content.

“It’s more and more difficult for brands to get their messages in front of consumers,” said Mark Beeching, global chief creative officer at Digitas. “But at the same time there are more opportunities for brands to create content.”

First of all, if we keep coming up with more new ways to get in front of consumers, then it will only be more difficult to get their attention. Eventually the masses will narrow their choices (again) and channels of mass communication will again strengthen by convergence. Now, that’s not to say that individual-to-individual or brand-to-individual won’t happen. I can’t disagree that there are more opportunities than ever for brands to create content, it’s not about that at all – it IS about how that content is consumed. Anyway. Good luck to Digitas’ Third Act.

Also, I saw today that Agency Spy Mat says to watch Digitas take the rickroll waaaaay to far:




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