Project Da Vinci gets CEO

20 05 2008

The man to lead Dell’s in-house ad agency, which is a mix of artist/scientist, is the former president of Digitas Boston, Torrence Boone. Da Vinci was created to “build shareholder value via programs that are centered on ‘creativity with a business purpose'”. The last part of that is the funny part – because everyone argues that creativity has a business purpose – it’s to engage the customer, right? Talk about having a tough job. Boone  has some serious work cut out for Da Vinci, which has hired 500, still 500 short of its staff goal of 1,000. Big? You bet – one agency with one account valued at about $1.5 billion per year.

Big because Dell understands that within the next 4 years, the number of people online will double. Will Dell become more than just a measly PC company?




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11 06 2008
Project Da Vinci officially named Enfatico « The Rogue Agency

[…] Project Da Vinci officially named Enfatico 11 06 2008 Dell’s in-house, global marketing services agency was, up until now, called Project Da Vinci. […]

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