Lewis Hamilton and a cool $20 million from Reebok

13 05 2008

According to F1Live, Lewis Hamilton is set to sign a $20 million deal with Reebok.

Last year he was a rookie to Formula 1, a down-to-the-final race challenger for the WDC and a mere single-digit millionaire. Now Reebok is on the verge of making Lewis Hamilton their global brand ambassador.

This payday is expected to be worth about $20 million a year, which isn’t bad for 2nd place in the 2007 championship. This sporting megastar in the UK will join prestigious company in the Reebok-sponsored portfolio, as Theirry Henry and Andrei Shevchenko are also Reebok image men.

McLaren F1 does not usually allow its drivers to have outside deals, as their own mega-sponsors get aligned with the drivers as part of the bigger package. But, seeing as how Hamilton is one of the most marketable stars in the world today, they will make an exception and all parties will probably be financially happy.




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