PETA, a real PITA to horse racing.

5 05 2008

PETA comes out with whips of their own after Eight Belles, the Kentucky Derby 2nd place finisher, broke both front ankles and was put down immediately. Their demands:

1) No racing or training for a thoroughbred until it turns 3 years old.  The organization contends the animals’ legs aren’t fully developed until then.

2) No more racing on dirt tracks. The group says the synthetic surfaces now used at Keeneland in Lexington, Ky., and at California tracks are far safer and result in fewer equine breakdowns and fatalities.

3) Cap the number of times a horse races each year.

4) Ban whipping. PETA says that when jockeys flail horses with a riding crop the animals can be forced beyond their physical limits.

The group also wants Eight Belles jockey, Gabriel Saez, to be questioned. 134 times the Kentucky Derby has been run. PETA can choose to be a Pain In The Ass whenever it feels, now – most appropriately when it can scoot itself into the sport’s limelight.




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