Pasta by Pizza Hut. Enjoy your fakeness.

3 05 2008

Pizza Hut got 50 New Yorkers in a restaurant apparently called “Tuscani” for a pasta dinner. If google can’t locate this Tuscani place in New York, one has to wonder what else is fake or set up by Pizza Hut. Aren’t the lengths that Pizza Hut’s gone to ridiculously extreme considering that the consumer is pretty dang smart these days? Well, seems as though these 50 people got fooled.

Pizza Hut also released a statement that they were changing their name to “Pasta Hut”. Lame. “Restaurant quality.” If you’re a restaurant with a pretty decent history, like Pizza Hut (remember Gorbachev, or Jessica Simpson, or Ringo Starr), does it do more harm than good to say “restaurant quality?”

Also – in an effort to reach out to the blogger world, they got a hold of this winner review. It’s a laugher. Yay!




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