Family TV time, brought to you by Panasonic

30 04 2008

So says Panasonic. They call it Viera time.

Spend some Viera Time with your friends and family. Nothing brings everyone together like the big, lifelike picture and sound of…

That’s bold. At a time when we’re trying to ween our fatass kids off the TV set, the brilliant marketers behind the “Viera Time” campaign are working hard to make fatass parents think TV time = quality family time.

Panasonic, the Japanese mega-corp just shit in the face of anyone who’s been fighting childhood obesity. To say that kids are busy these days running around outside, too busy to sit on the couch with mom and dad, is a lie. To make this pitch to parents, that a TV can earn back a little time spent with junior, is as ridiculous as calling chili-cheesedogs a healthy snack for kids.

Here, Bruce brought out a hammer, but stopped short of really sinking that nail. C’mon. This is bad creative altogether. I could apply this false logic to just about any product: Kids busy? No time for family togetherness? Order an extra large Domino’s pizza. Y’all need to eat, right?




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